10 Efficient Tips To Improve Phone Battery Life

we have some useful tricks to effectively charge your phone battery and implicitly extend its battery life. Android & iPhone Devices

improve phone battery life

Use Wallpapers With Dark Tones & Dark Mode

Recent studies using dark-tone wallpapers and dark mode have shown that color wallpapers, especially white wallpapers, are very energy-intensive for mobile phones equipped with OLED screens. It is recommended that users use a dark background and also use a dark mode.

improve phone battery life

Dust The Charging Port

Dust charging port Over time, the charging port accumulates dirt and dust to prevent efficient charging of the battery, thereby causing damage to the charger plug. You can clean the charging port with a few blows or with the help of an air pump.

improve phone battery life

Decrease The Screen Brightness

Reduce the screen brightness and find that high brightness not only affects battery life, but also affects your health. In this case, the mobile phone may be more harmful to your eyes than the TV or monitor because it is closer to your eyes.

Therefore, in the indoor space, the brightness will be reduced to less than 30%, or only use its automatic adjustment function and adjust it to the maximum when absolutely necessary.

improve phone battery life

Do Not Discharge The Phone Battery And Do Not Charge It 100%

Do not fully discharge the phone battery, and do not charge it 100%. One of the most common mistakes is to drain the battery below 10% and then charge it to 100%. It is the most harmful charging method for lithium-ion batteries, because they are charged multiple times.

Therefore, avoid discharging it below 10% to 100% or completely discharging the battery. Lithium-ion battery power should be maintained between 50% and 80%, short-term charging can provide the energy required for operation of the ion.

improve phone battery life

Avoid Extreme Temperature

Avoiding extreme temperatures Another considerable threat to mobile phone batteries is extreme temperatures. Very low temperature will cause very fast discharge, and very high temperature will cause degradation or even explosion.

If you expose your phone to a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius for a long time, its battery will lose about 6% of its capacity every year. At 15 degrees Celsius, the battery will lose up to 20% of its capacity, and at 40 degrees Celsius, it can even increase to 35%.

In summer, be careful not to leave your phone in the car, on the beach or under direct sunlight. If the phone becomes hot while playing games, please wait for the phone to cool down before charging.

improve phone battery life

Stop Notifications

Stop notifying you Many apps on your phone require permission to send you notifications, which is a great way to stay in touch. But this will damage the battery life of the phone, so please turn off less important notifications and save the phone battery power.

Improve phone battery life,Phone battery,Phone's features,Avoid Fast Charging,Do Not Charge It 100%

Avoid Fast Charging

Avoid fast charging even though it is an invention that can make our lives easier or avoid emergencies when we need a cell phone, Fast charging may also pose a threat to mobile phone batteries.

The faster the battery is charged, the greater the risk of degradation. Charging the battery on a computer or using a smart charger may be a better solution because they will limit the voltage and charging speed, thereby protecting your battery in the long run.

Improve phone battery life,Phone battery,Phone's features,Avoid Fast Charging,Do Not Charge It 100%

Give Up Vibrations

Abandoning the vibrating phone will consume more power when playing music, reminders, or vibrating. It is recommended to abandon the vibration mode and reduce the sound level.

Improve phone battery life,Phone battery,Phone's features,Avoid Fast Charging,Do Not Charge It 100%

Uninstallation Application That You Don’t Use

Uninstalling apps you don’t use Another solution to extend the battery life of your phone is to uninstall apps you don’t use. Many of them run in the background and consume energy.

However, if you don’t want to uninstall them, configure them to prevent them from running in the background. In addition, you can activate the power saving mode so that the processor runs at a lower performance and deactivate battery-consuming activities.

Improve phone battery life,Phone battery,Phone's features,Avoid Fast Charging,Do Not Charge It 100%

Disables The Phone’s Features

Disabling the phone’s functions Wi-Fi, mobile data, NFC or Bluetooth also consumes power because they are always working or looking for a connection to the network. Therefore, if you do not use them, it is best to disable them to extend battery life.

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