8 Common laptop mistakes that you’re  making with your gaming laptop and how to avoid them! And don’t miss the bonus 8th  mistake that everyone makes at the end.

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laptop mistakes

1. Gaming Laptop Mistakes (Not Cleaning)

It’s no secret  that gaming laptops have loud fans, and more air intake means more dust sucked inside. Put simply, more dust inside your gaming laptop blocks the air flow and heats it up, which can result in less  performance.

So clean it out a couple of times a year if you use it a lot. The amount of dust and dirt available for your laptop to actually suck up will depend on how dirty your environment is.

laptop mistakes

2. Gaming Laptop Mistakes (Laptop Placement)

Speaking of blocked airflow, ideally you should use your gaming laptop on a flat surface like a table when actually playing games. If you’re instead lying on a bed or using it on your lap then it’s much easier for the air intakes underneath to get blocked, resulting in overheating and potentially less performance.

Also try to leave Some space around the air exhausts on the sides and out the back so hot air can escape easier.

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laptop mistakes

3. Gaming Laptop Mistakes (Gaming On Battery Power)

Although  convenient, there are a number of problems playing games while running on battery power. The first is  that it puts a heavier load on the battery, more power needs to be expended at once. In most gaming  laptops the battery can’t give you anywhere near as good performance compared to just being plugged  in.

So simply plugging your gaming laptop into wall power will give you better performance, and we all like higher FPS right? Another problem with gaming on battery power is that you’re constantly going through discharge and recharge cycles, and this kills battery lifespan the more you do it. 

Basically if you’re near wall power, just plug in, and even if you’re a little far away it’s probably worth investing in an extension cable.

laptop mistakes

4. Gaming Laptop Mistakes (Not Opening With Care)

Unfortunately a number of popular gaming laptops are known to have issues with the hinges and they will break over time. The best way to help reduce this happening is to not rip open the lid from the corner with lots of force. Instead just gently open from the middle to spread out the pressure.

Now I’m not saying that you need to go around treating your laptop like it’s made out of glass or something. Just be respectful to the device you probably spend thousands of dollars on. I’ve seen people body slam their laptop and act surprised when it breaks.

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laptop mistakes

5. Gaming Laptop Mistakes (Not Updating)

Upgrades typically fix known issues and enhance performance, so it’s critical to stay current. Apparently, it is not that simple. Most people are apparently relatable with Windows updates, and your laptop will install these automatically by default until you’ve gone from your way to disable them manual process or maybe something along with able to operate system updates.

You must also confirm the Microsoft Store for latest update individually, as a large number of applications, along with many gaming laptop control panels, are updated through this one these days, and Microsoft considered that this would be a good idea to have such 2 different locations to update.

I’m not sure why they didn’t have to Windows update manage it all, but there are two separate locations! In addition, you’ll really would like to make absolutely sure you’re using the most recent version of graphics drivers for your gaming machine, if it’s from AMD or Nvidia, because these drivers are activity on a regular basis when new games are released.

For example, when a popular game is released, Nvidia usually does have a game-ready driver ready to go right away. The BIOS on the laptop also may receive an update over period that provide performance enhancements or security fixes. If you don’t know how to keep updating the BIOS on your laptop, consult the product’s supporting documents.

laptop mistakes

6. Gaming Laptop Mistakes (Not Using Dual Memory Channel)

Unless your gaming laptop has only one stick of memory installed, you’re most likely sacrificing performance by operating in single channel. A few laptops will still be sold with only one stick of memory, resulting in slower single channel performance.

Generally, it’s just a cost-cutting measure to reduce the price of the laptop, although it will run properly with one stick, upgrading to two can result in significant performance gains. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as simply stating that you require two sticks, since some laptops, such as the ASUS Zephyrus series, has only one memory connector.

But they also have more memory soldered to the motherboard, so despite only having room for one stick, as long as that one stick is installed it’s still dual channel. If you’re not sure you can use software like Hardware Info, which simply says what you’re using.

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laptop mistakes

7. Gaming Laptop Mistakes (Playing Games On Optimus)

Most gaming laptops have both integrated graphics and discrete graphics. Integrated graphics, or the iGPU, are part of the CPU, so either from AMD or Intel. The iGPU uses less power, so it’s perfect when running on battery power. The actual horsepower to run games though comes from the discrete graphics, which in this case is Nvidia, and that’s also known as the iGPU, so it can be Nvidia or Radeon.

Basically with optimus you load up a game and the Nvidia graphics will render the frames, send them through to the iGPU and then that will send them onto the screen,  and this means that the iGPU in the middle can act as a bottleneck. Now some laptops have a MUX  switch or advanced optimus, which basically means the discrete graphics connects directly to the screen, there’s no iGPU bottleneck middleman.

So if you’re looking to buy a gaming laptop, finding one with a MUX switch is a great feature, but if you’ve already got a laptop that doesn’t have one then you’re stuck with optimus.

However you can still get a performance boost by connecting  an external screen, as most laptops have at least one display output that connects directly to the discrete graphics, bypassing optimus.

8. Gaming Laptop Mistakes (Performance Tuning)

Performance tuning goes both ways, some people don’t tune anything and they miss out on performance or their machine runs too hot, while some people go too far and might put an overclock on that’s unstable resulting in games crashing.

Of course between both of those  extremes there’s a happy middle ground. That said, I don’t think most people need to do a whole lot of tuning, it depends on whether you’re satisfied with how your laptop’s running. If it’s too hot  then maybe you might want to try undervolting.

If you want to try and squeeze out a little extra performance in gaming, then maybe a little overclock with software like MSI Afterburner might be good.

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