Backup & Restore iPhone Data By Using iTunes

Backup & Restore iPhone Data By Using iTunes

First you need to download iTunes << Click here to download. Once it downloaded install it and open iTunes it will be going to look like this.

iTunes Homepage

After that you need to connect your iPhone with iTunes. So you’ll going to be need a USB Cable, connect USB cable with iPhone.

It will ask you to Trust this computer ? select Trust. Phone icon will be visible in your iTunes which indicates that you iPhone is now connected.

We Going to take backup first. So click on the phone icon and then select summary.

Backup & Restore Image 4 Backup & Restore Image

You’ll see the backup now button below, but before backing up we need to select this computer the reason to select this computer is, that your all data will be backup in your personal computer.

If you select iCloud it will backup in iCloud storage and it won’t going to backup more than 5GB. So its recommended to select this computer.

Below “This Computer” it will show encrypt local Backups which if you want you can apply password on your backup data. When you restore this data it will ask for the password, so its on you.

Backup & Restore Image 3

Now we are ready for the backup click on “BACK UP NOW” button. Wait until it finish taking backup.

Backup & Restore Image Backup & Restore Image 2

You can verify your backup after the completion. By clicking on “Edit > Preferences”, Inside the device preferences click on “Devices” You will see the backup data files which you have taken.

Backup & Restore Image Backup & Restore Image

Now we are ready to restore iPhone. But before we have to turn off my iPhone so for that you need to go inside the setting of your iPhone. Then tap on your name scroll down look for “FIND MY” Tap on “FIND MY” Select “Find My iPhone” and turn it off. It will ask you for the Apple ID password, enter your password and hit “Turn Off”.

After Turning off  “Find My iPhone” There are two methods of restoring your backup data,

Those who want to take a backup from their iPhone and want to restore it in the same iPhone will go for this first method. And those who want to take the backup from their old iPhone and restore it in their new iPhone will go for the second method.

First method just press the restore backup button. That’s it it will start restoring your data.

Backup & Restore Image

Second method to transfer older iPhone data to the new iPhone. Setup your new iPhone until you see App & Data Page where you have to select “Restore from iTunes Backup”

After that it shows to connect to Mac or to a PC with iTunes. Just connect your iPhone via USB cable, first it will show you the welcome page of your new iPhone click on continue.

Then will ask you to setup up this iPhone as a new iPhone or Restore all of your information from the previous backup? Select the previous backup file and hit continue if you encrypt your backup file it will ask password just simply enter the password and  click OK.


It will start the process of restoring wait until it finishes the restore don’t turn off your computer or unplug you iPhone otherwise it won’t restore while restoring if shows some error then ignore it and let the restoring process to complete.

In your iPhone it will show you restoring in process so keep calm and wait. After completion it will show you restore complete it will ask you for your apple id and password apply it and then let the iPhone to download all the apps.


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