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Chrome extensions are a great way to improve your overall browsing experience by adding additional features to your browser. We’ll see the top 10 chrome extensions in a variety of categories. Which are quite useful.

Text to Speech (Chrome Extensions)

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Intelligent speaker is a free smart reader that lets you convert files web articles and blog posts into speech. It lets you save any text to listen to later on just any device with apps also available for IOS and android.

Here’s how it works.

Click the intelligent speaker icon you have two choices. Clicking on the (Paperclip) icon at the right side. Let’s you select just about any file with text on your computer.

Click on the (+) icon lets you save the page you’re currently on. To listen to it now or later click on (Play) button you can also rewind and fast forward as needed and also change playback speed.

chrome extensions

You also have other options to the right of the file. You can download the file to listen to offline and delete when you’re done. While the basic free plan does give you most of the primary features. It does limit you to one hour of listening per month.

And you can’t download the audio. To able to download the audio and get more listening time the premium plan is 6.99$ per month.

Unsplash for Chrome – Free Photos (Chrome Extensions)

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Unsplash is a fantastic free website for photos in the past the chrome extensions make it easier to search and download. Any images from their site all photos are free for both commercial and non-commercial use with no permission needed.

It’s simple to use and it doesn’t matter which site you’re on.

chrome extensions,text to speech,unsplash,pluto tv,Speedtest

First click on the “Unsplash” icon enter your search term then click on “Search”. Scroll through the images to find the one you want. When you “Right” click the image you have the option to open that image in new tab.

Save it to your computer and copy the image to your clipboard also paste it where you need it. Or copy the image address for that image to visit that photo’s webpage later on.

Octoshop – In Stock Alerts and Compare Prices (Chrome Extensions)

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Octoshop is a useful extension that can help to save you money by showing you other retailers with the same item. That may have a lower price and if the items out of stock will notify you when it’s back in stock.

When you click the “Octoshop” icon it’ll show you their supported stores. You’ll see the most popular stores listed. Including Walmart, Amazon, Target, Best Buy and many others.

First select the “Store” you want to shop. Do a search for the product you’re looking for?

chrome extensions,text to speech,unsplash,pluto tv,Speedtest

For example, we going to select Walmart and search for Xbox Series X open the product. If you see the item is out of stock. To compare pricing for an in-stock item or to set up a notification for when that item comes back in stock.

chrome extensions,text to speech,unsplash,pluto tv,Speedtest

Here on the right click the “Octo Shop” button if a supported retailer had that item in stock for a lower price. Click on view item to be sent to the product page for that retailer or to set up an alert for when that product come back in stock.

chrome extensions,text to speech,unsplash,pluto tv,Speedtest

Toggle the switch next to “Notify when in stock”. Check frequency determines how often it checks to see if that items in stock. Leave the check frequency on “Ultra” to avoid scalper pricing notifications. You have the option to put a price in.

chrome extensions,text to speech,unsplash,pluto tv,Speedtest

To notify you under a certain price and you can change the notification sound as well. And you can check the box next to priority tracking but this is only available. If you refer a friend.

Click on “Track” when you’re done. You can set up in-stock notification for as many stores you want.

Picture-in-Picture – (Chrome Extensions)

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This chrome extensions is created by google which is great for multitaskers it’s lets you watch videos in a floating window. While you’re interacting with other sites in your browser or programs on your computer.

Open any YouTube video click on “Picture-in-Picture” icon in the upper right to activate it. It’ll show up screen on the bottom right corner.

Unlike the mini player with YouTube and other sites it lets you move it around the screen to wherever you want it. You can also have left click and drag the edges to increase or decrease the size.

SpeedTest by Ookla – (Chrome Extensions)

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Speed Test is a well-known website to test your internet performance. Instead of going directly to the site. Their extension lets you quickly check your ping along with your download and upload speeds.

To ensure that you’re getting the performance that you’re paying for. To use it go to the “Toolbar”. And select the “Speedtest” icon and then click on “GO” it’ll first check the ping followed by the download and upload speeds.

chrome extensions,text to speech,unsplash,pluto tv,Speedtest

You can easily increase your internet speed by following these few simple steps.

Volume Master – Up to 600% Volume Boost (Chrome Extensions)

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Volume master is a must have chrome extensions for those times you can’t hear the audio. Even when you have the volume turned up to a hundred. It works on any site playing audio and can boost the volume up to 600%.

To use the volume master to boost the volume click the “Volume Master” icon in the toolbar.

chrome extensions,text to speech,unsplash,pluto tv,Speedtest

And while the audio is playing move the slider to the right. Just be careful not to blow your speakers.

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder (Chrome Extensions)

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Nimbus is an excellent chrome extensions that lets you take the screenshot and then show you how to record video to take a screenshot. Click the “Nimbus Capture” icon in the tool bar to capture your screen you have 8 choices.

chrome extensions,text to speech,unsplash,pluto tv,Speedtest

Including the entire page selected area, visible part of the page and others. After you take a your screenshot it will open in a new tab. With the toolbar at the top with several tools to edit your image when you’re done marking it up click on “Done”.

You have options to save it to Nimbus, Google Drive, Drobox, Slack or save it your computer. To record your screen once again click on the “Nimbus Capture” icon and select “Record Video”.

You have the option to enable your microphone and webcam along with other choices.

chrome extensions,text to speech,unsplash,pluto tv,Speedtest

In the section what do you want to record lets you choose your desktop, webcam only or the current tab. After all, setting up click on “Start Record” you’ll know the recording with the red dot on the nimbus icon.

While recording when you click the icon you have the option to (Pause and Stop Recording). Once you stop the recording you’ll see the familiar save options along with a video editor.

That lets you crop and trim along with a video convertor to convert your video to an MP4 or Gif file.

Pluto TV – Watch Free TV and Movies (Chrome Extensions)

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TV is useful for those of you that watch TV shows and movies on your computer. It’s completely free with more than 100 channels. To choose from in various categories along with on-demand content to begin click on the “Pluto TV” icon.

chrome extensions,text to speech,unsplash,pluto tv,Speedtest

Your choices are channels and on demand channels includes a handy guide similar to what you find with any cable provider. And on demand lets you choose any TV show or movie to watch whenever you want. You could select specific category.

Just click the “Channel” you want to watch.

Wappalyzer – Identify Web Technologies (Chrome Extensions)

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Wappalyzer is an extension that helps to identify the technologies. A particular website is built with useful for developers.

To uncover more than a thousand technologies dozens of categories on any site click the “Wappalyzer” icon.

For example, on this popular site it shows the advertising platform used analytics the JavaScript libraries and frameworks.

chrome extensions,text to speech,unsplash,pluto tv,Speedtest

And a whole lot more if you want to find out more about a platform and who else is using. It will give you a description of the platform along with additional information including top sites using it.

Boxel Rebound – Box Jumping Madness (Chrome Extensions)

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For those times you need to take a short break playing a game can be useful to help free your mind. With more than 1 million users Boxel Rebound is a classic jumping game created by two brothers.

To launch the game click on the “Boxel Rebound” icon. You have the choice to turn the audio on or off.

chrome extensions,text to speech,unsplash,pluto tv,Speedtest

Enable full screen or to enable a more intense fast mode. Enabling full screen is recommended otherwise you’ll be playing in the tiny box. Click on “Play” there are 50 levels to complete the goal is to jump your box to the end of each level.

Left clicking your mouse makes the box jump. It’s more difficult that it sounds. Hitting any box with an exclamation point will give you helpful tips.

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