Gmail MX Records – In this article we going to learn how to set up your google workspace mx record so that your DNS server points your domain to google email servers.

Verify And Manage Domains – Gmail MX Records

Gmail MX Records

Go to in the admin console click on “domains” if you don’t have a domain section in your admin console Click on the “menu icon” at the top left of the screen then select “account” then “domains” on this page click on “manage domains“.

Gmail MX Records

Here you can see all the domains currently added to your google workspace account if you need to add or verify your domain in google workspace. I’ve made an article explaining how to do that I’ll put a link here: How To Add & Verify Domain Google Workspace 2021.

Once your domain is added and verified.

Point Your DNS Server to Google Workspace

Click on set up google mx records first and foremost make sure you delete all existing mx records for your domain on your DNS server. Before adding the ones from google this is to make sure emails are routed only to the google servers.

Now this table contains the records you’ll have to add to your DNS server so that emails work with your domain name. Don’t worry setting this up is a lot simpler than it looks it’s time to log into your DNS server I’m using cloudflare but the process is exactly the same if you’re using another DNS server.

Gmail MX Records

If you want to set up cloudflare as your DNS server I’ve made an article on explaining how to do that I’ll put a link here: Add Cloudflare to Website Easy Method 2021

In cloudflare select your domain name. Then go to the “DNS tab” if you don’t have cloudflare just go to the “DNS settings” of your domain. Here add an mx record for the name enter the “@ symbol” this is a shortcut that represents your root domain name.

Which is what we need then go to the “Google admin” and copy the “MX server address” by hitting control c on a pc or command c on a mac.

Make sure to copy the (.) dot at the end of the mx record address go back to cloudflare and paste the value in the “mail server” field by hitting control v on a pc or command v on a mac.

Make sure to keep the (.)dot at the end of the mx record address cloudflare will remove it automatically but some DNS servers need the (.)dot at the end of the mx server address to work properly.

Google tells you to set the TTL setting to the maximum allowed but you can safely keep the auto setting. In google admin notice the priority for this first mx record is 1. so go back to cloudflare and type “1” in the priority field then hit “save”.

Adding More MX Records Values

Gmail MX Records

Now have four more mx records to add the values will be different but the process is the same as the first one. Add an mx record and type add in the name field go back to “Google admin” and copy the second “MX server address” notice this time the priority has to be “Five“.

Back to cloudflare paste the value you just copied in the “Mail server” field and set the priority to “Five” repeat the process for the third mx record for the last two mx records pay attention the priority has to be “10”.

This time copy the fourth mx server address then paste the value in cloudflare and do the same with the fifth mx record. Your DNS server is now set up go back to Google admin scroll to the bottom of the page and hit “I have completed these steps“.

It will take a few seconds for google to check that your DNS server has propagated the mx records don’t refresh the page google admin will do it automatically. After a few seconds google admin will go back to the domains list and you’ll see your domain status is now “Active“.

If you see an error message in google admin or your domain doesn’t have the active status don’t fear cloudflare is a very fast DNS server and propagates the new DNS records very quickly. You may have to wait a couple of hours for your DNS server to propagate the records when it’s done google admin will tell you your domain is ready to go.

You can now create new users with a custom email address or create a group as a collaborative inbox. And if you want to know how to set up a collaborative inbox in google workspace check out this link:

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