How To Check Used iPhone Before Buying It

How To Check Used iPhone Before Buying It

In this article we going to discuss what things we should need to check before buying a used iPhone. Especially if it’s on network lock or iCloud lock or even lost stolen mode and we going to check overall functionality.

1. Physical Condition:

So the first thing we need to see the physical condition of the iPhone, check if there is dent, scratches & cracks on the iPhone take your time to check it properly don’t be in a hurry.

2.Model, Serial & IMEI No:

Second we going to check the iPhone model number, serial number & IMEI number. To check we need to go inside the (Setting > General > About) you will get the all the details of the iPhone & also see the model name, software version & storage of the iPhone. If the owner has iPhone box, then you can check IMEI number behind the box to verify it.

3.Blacklist Status, Activation Lock, Lost / Stolen Mode Status:

Third we going to check activation lock and blacklist status, for that we will be going to visit After visiting Click on (Menu > IMEI). Enter iPhone serial number or IMEI number then click on “Check” scroll down and check the GSMA Blacklist Status, if it’s shows clean that means iPhone is not stolen or blacklisted.

Then check Find my iPhone status is ON or OFF, if it’s ON then we will be going to turn it off. In order to turn off go to (Setting > Profile > Find My > Find My iPhone > Toggle Off). After Turning off Check the status again on when it shows off. Now the phone is ready to factory reset and it can be activated later by using new Apple ID password.

4.Network, Factory Reset & Apple ID Setup:

In order to check network, lock we going to insert a sim card and check if it’s showing network and network provider name then it means iPhone is not carrier lock and sim also working properly.

For factory reset go to (Setting > General > Reset & Select “Erase all content and setting”) if its ask for the passcode then enter password to continue the reset & let the iPhone reset approximately it will be going to take 1 to 2 minutes to reset. After reset it will ask for the Quick Setup. Skip the Face ID and Passcode & Apple ID we will be going to do it later.

First we going to set Apple ID for that we will go to (Setting > Sign in into your iPhone) After entering Apple ID and Password we will be login into iCloud and Find my iPhone Will Be Toggled ON Automatically.

5.Physical Button & Lighting Port:

Fifth we going to check all the physical button and ports of the iPhone. On the right side we have the Power Button & Sim Card Tray bottom side we have Lighting Port & Loud Speaker Grills on the left side we have Volume Button & Silence/Mute Switch On Back we have the Main Camera & Flashlight & on front notch we have Front Camera, Speakers & Sensors. Check all this before we move to sixth point.

  • Try to lock and unlock iPhone to check Power Button.
  • To check lighting port, connect the iPhone with charger to see whether its charging or not.
  • And for speakers try to play some music on YouTube or else you check the sound in (Setting > Sound and Haptics > Ringtone) While listening music you can check the volume button adjusting with up and down.
  • When you toggle off the Silence button it will show you the notification & iPhone gets vibrate before going into silent mode.
  • For the front speakers call someone tell that person to say something so you can check whether your front speaker is working or not. While talking on phone you can also see the sensors if its working or not while you take your iPhone near your ears it will automatically turns off the screen it will show that sensors is working.

6.Face ID & Passcode:

In order to setup face id and passcode we will go to (Setting > Face ID & Passcode > Setup Face ID) you have to follow on screen instruction to setup face id once you have successfully apply for face id see if it’s working properly or not. Lock you iPhone and unlock it with your Face ID.

7.Display, 3D Touch & Touchscreen:

Now we going to check display in order to check the display we will 3D touch on the brightness shortcut in that we will get three modes True Tone, Night Shift & Dark Mode. True tone is the new feature it will adjust the iPhone display based on surrounding lights. Night Shift automatically turns the iPhone display into warm color & from IOS 13 we can also get Dark Mode as well.

Try to dim the brightness very low and check whether you can see the display or not after that check the 3D touch while putting little force on the application to activate the 3D touch feature which allow you to check 3D touch is working or not recently Apple has replaced the 3D touch with Haptics Touch.

To check the overall display touchscreen performance, you need to go inside the (Setting > Accessibility > Touch > Assistive Touch) after you toggle on the assistive touch with will display circular icon which you will be going to hold on to it and scroll on all the areas of the screen first check the edges and then rest of the screen.

8.Front & Back Camera Portrait Mode:

Open camera and check whether camera is focusing or not both front and back click some pic normal or in portrait mode. Select video and record a video with creating some sound and play and check that sound and video is working properly.

9.Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, With Airdrop & Hotspot:

  • For Wi-Fi go to (Setting > Wi-Fi) Select your Wi-Fi Name and connect with it and check whether its working or not.
  • Personal Hotspot go to (Setting > Personal Hotspot) To check toggle on personal hotspot but before you should enable mobile data after that connect that iPhone hotspot with other mobile through Wi-Fi and check if it’s working properly or not.
  • Airdrop we need one more iPhone to check If you have it then you can select some photos and share it through Airdrop to check it.
  • To connect Bluetooth, we need wireless earphone or else connect with your car stereo.

10.Battery Health:

To check battery health, we need to go to (Setting > Battery) inside battery you will see the battery health if its 80 to 100 percent then the battery is ok.

11.GPS & Gyroscope.

For GPS open, Any Maps application first see the current is showing correct from where you operating that iPhone. Put any location and see if this showing the calculation of time of distance and kilometer. In order to see gyroscope, enable the compass in maps and rotate the iPhone and see the north axis should be in same position if it does then the gyroscope is also working properly.


12.Wireless Charging

For that you need a chi wireless charging pad to see your iPhone wireless charging feature. For wireless charging there is no need to do any setting just put your iPhone on the charging pad and automatically your phone shows the charging notification.

13.Performance Test (Optional)

This test is not necessary just in case you want to know the performance the iPhone then you need to download third party application “Antutu Benchmark” by using this application we come to know the performance of the Processor, Graphic, Ram & User Interface, while running the test you’ll see its running multiple test in background. After test it will show the benchmark you can see the benchmark by running this application in same iPhone model version to compare it.

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