What is iOS App Tracking Transparency?

App Tracking Transparency

When you use apps on your iPhone, you may notice this. It’s the new App Tracking Transparency prompt. It’s a function. You now have a choice. Apps can be used for a variety of different ways. Make use of and share your data. Data such as your age, location, health data, spending habits, and browsing history just to name a few.

This information can be useful. to track your runs and tag your photos or track your location in order to find a nearby store can provide discounts.

App Tracking Transparency

However, some apps contain trackers that collect enough information than necessary. Trying to share it with third-party vendors such as advertising companies and marketing companies. They build up thousands of types of information about you in order to generate a digital profile that they sell to others.

These third party candidates use your profile to attack you with advertisements. But they can use those to forecast future and influence your behavior’s and decisions. This has all been going on without your knowledge or consent.

Your personal information is for sale. You’ve turned into the product. As a result, iPhone users would now be asked a single, straightforward question: Should you allow apps to track you or not? Perhaps you’re willing to give an app your email address or location so that they can start sharing your information with others in order to personalize ads or create a profile regarding you.

And what if you aren’t? That is, after all, what the prompt is for. It is completely up to you what you choose. However, Apple believes that you must have a choice. App Tracking Transparency a quick and simple new feature that restores control of the information.

App Tracking Transparency

According to a Washington Post report from 2019, a standard iPhone could have up to 5 400 different app trackers sending data. Of course, this depends on which apps you’ve installed.

Installed on your phone, and how much they’ve put in place data sharing, most of these are probably harmless, but this is still data regarding you that’s would be sent up towards who knows how many other third parties it can be used to.

However apple’s response in the past couple of Years to make this practice a little bit more transparent for their users so according to apple this is why they are introducing the new app tracking transparency feature.

Originally this feature to add transparency was supposed to be released with ios 14 in the fall of last year but apple delayed the release to give developers time to prepare and time to comply.

Apple Vs Facebook (App Tracking Transparency)

So if you see any application developers out there that are super angry at apple about this update like Facebook then they’ve known about it for like half a year and they have had plenty of time to comply so they really have no reason to complain and in my humble opinion they are mad because they make money off of your data and they’re not gonna make as much money because they won’t be allowed to track you.

Unless you opt in, though if you’re already using iOS 14 with a lot of privacy controls enabled, you may discover that now the new feature after upgrading is greyed out. Before you update, (Go into your settings > Choose privacy > And then check the apple advertising option > Then that toggle for personalized ads will be greyed out). If this toggle is turned on, it appears that app tracking transparency is enabled.

Also enabled, but if the personalized ads option is turned off, app tracking transparency may be turned off. To update to iOS 14.5, go to settings general software upgrade download and install. You could also turn on software automatic updates while you’re there, which I strongly advise. After you have 14.5 installed, you will instantly be updated.  While you install a new app or open the new app, you are asked if you want to track or not.

If you do allow tracking for an app it will then appear in your tracking settings and you can manage those at any time. So to do that you (Go to settings > Scroll to find privacy > And then click it choose tracking > which is all the way up at the top and the default setting is to allow apps to ask for permission to track you you can toggle that off to block all apps from being able to track you.)

Which will also block them from even asking to track either you will notice a list of apps below that setting if an app has ever been allowed to track you you can immediately block these apps from further tracking by switching that toggle to off now if

For some reason you accidentally opt out of tracking or accidentally allow tracking you can always go into your Settings and change it or you can redownload an application to see that prompt show up as a pop-up again.

Conclusion (App Tracking Transparency)

Apple took a great step in the right direction for transparency and also making users aware that apps do this kind of tracking. That’s the reason why many applications are angry at apple because they make money off of you through marketing of your data and if they can’t track you they’re not able to collect as much data about you.

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