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Return of the Editing Loupe

In iOS 15 new features editing loop returns so now you can precisely place your cursor and actually see where the cursor is going to be when you release.

iOS 15 New Features

Mute Notification for Individual Apps

And you can now mute notifications for individual applications you just swipe on the notification. (Tap Options and then select mute for one hour or mute for the entire day).

iOS 15 New Features

Re-order And Delete Home screen Pages

iOS 15 new features are the ability to easily rearrange home screen pages. Going into edit mode then tap on page dodge and simply dragging the pages where you want them to be. In addition to that you also have the ability to delete home screen pages.

Again more of a sleeper feature because a lot of people are going to know about this right off but if you uncheck to hide a page. You now have the option to delete a page by tapping the little minus sign in the upper left-hand corner. And all the corresponding apps go to the app library.

iOS 15 New Features

Drag And Drop Support

Finally, the iPhone gets drag and drop support so here in the photos app simply tap and hold on a photo. Swipe up to get back to the home Screen while still holding the photo and then simply open another app.

For example, if we open up the messages app and notice we can drag the photo on all the various threads. It highlights those threads and we can simply release on the thread. If we want to send the photo we can put some text in there or simply drag it out of there and go somewhere else that’s the beauty of drag and drop.

it’s not just about dragging photos because that would be kind of boring. There’s other things you can drag definitely you can experiment for instance you can drag a URL.

iOS 15 New Features

Live Text Shortcut

Now you can simply tap to open the copy paste menu and then tap the live text button to invoke live text from anywhere. Live text makes it super easy and you can literally use that in any application for instance.

You can use it with the safari app and can actually scan text to get a URL right into safari insert and there we go needless to say live text is awesome.

iOS 15 New Features

Reduce Bass on Home Pod

You also have the ability to reduce Bass on a home pod now. Go into the home app select my home pod scroll down until you get to where it says reduce bass and simply flip the switch. This is handy if you live in an apartment and you don’t want to disturb your neighbors.

iOS 15 New Features

Background Sounds

iOS 15 new features includes a new background sounds feature can find it under settings > accessibility then scroll all the way down. You’ll see where it says audio visual and then you’ll see background sounds. Now this will play background sounds to mask unwanted environmental noise.

These sounds can help minimize distractions to help you focus to help you to stay calm or to rest. You can see the various sounds like balance noise, bright noise, dark noise, ocean rain, and stream.

Also in iOS 15 new features you can edit and delete the sounds because they will need to download before they can fully play back. And you can also use media while playing background sounds and also keep the sounds playing even when your screen is locked. But of course you also have the option of disabling background sounds when device is locked.

Voice Memos

Amazing iOS 15 new features in voice memos gain skip silence and the ability to adjust playback speed. You can see on the splash screen.

Playback Speed With Default Video Player

Now here’s another hidden iOS 15 new features has the ability to adjust playback speed with the default video player. So all you have to do is tap the ellipsis in the bottom right hand corner select playback speed. And there you go 2x playback speed and you can lower it to 0.5 that is a pretty neat feature that’s sort of hidden within the default video player.

Zoom in With Quick Take | New QR Code UI

Zoom in ability with quick take. Not only you can long press on the on the shutter button to quick take a video. But now you simply swipe up to zoom in, couldn’t do that before so that is a nice addition. iOS 15’s camera app again long press on the shutter button in photo mode and now just simply swipe up to zoom in.

And now you also have a brand new QR code UI that actually will tell you the website right below. So it’s almost like a little augmented reality thing going on here. And then all you need to do is simply tap the link and that will take you directly to the website.

iCloud Backup Over Cellular Connection

You also gain the ability to perform iCloud backup over cellular connection now that we have 5g and everything’s really quick no problem.

Prepare For New iPhone on Reset

There’s also a new prepare for iPhone in iOS 15 new features you saw it at the top there. But if we go into general and go to transfer or reset iPhone notice right at the top prepare for new iPhone. So this will help you get all your ducks in a row as you await your iPhone 13.

In this case you just need to tap and get started. It’s going to tell you what to do first of all upload apps and data then number two use your iPhone to quickly sign in and then trade it in or recycle.

iCloud Data Recovery Status

If you go to your iCloud account and go to password and security, you’ll learn about the iCloud data Recovery service. So you just need to tap on account recovery and that’ll give you all the information you need to know about the iCloud data recovery service. Which can help you regain access to some of your data the data that is not in to end encrypted.

just in case you forget your password or your device passcode so again there’s limits as to what apple can help you recover. Because some data for instance your health data screen time information your iCloud keychain.

All those things are in to end encrypted and thus apple is not going to be able to help you get those back. But they will be able to help you get things back like photos notes reminders and other files on the web via

Now it’s possible that in the future apple will increase the amount of data that is end to end encrypted like photos notes etc.

Use Groups With Files App

In iOS 15 new feature is now you can group files together in the files app so just tap the ellipsis button select use groups and there you go. You have folders grouped together images pdf documents etc.

you can also group by different parameters just tap group by and you can select kind which is default date or you can select size. And this is particularly useful if you have a lot of data in the files app to help you stay organized.

Hybrid Time Picker

iOS 15 gives user’s options and that includes a hybrid time picker so you get the classic scroll method with the nice haptic feedback. To select your time but you can also simply tap On the time like that to directly enter the time and that will save you some time oh that was super lame.

Built-in OTP Authenticator

Now here’s one of the coolest new features in iOS 15 a Built-in OTP Authenticator. Here in the passwords section of the settings app you can set up a verification code for two factor authentication.

So this is super nice now when a website requests a verification code you can do so all in one failed swoop directly from iOS native integration.

Safari Extensions

Now this is really cool feature you get Safari Extensions for the first time. Go into dark mode and the website doesn’t turn dark you get the dark chrome. But what’s up with the website yeah they have encoded it to reflect dark mode but there is an app or an extension called Noir.

 So you just tap a button tap manage extensions enable Noir done. And now you can see the content is dark to match dark mode and we can go in and manage that extension just tap on it like that.

We can configure any settings and you can see an extension is in use by the little puzzle piece right by a button down below. Thanks to Noir everything’s dark this is such a cool extension.

Per-App Accessibility Settings

Per app accessibility settings and this is also super cool. Go into accessibility preferences go to per app settings select one app in this case select the app store. Configure the App store and this is only going to affect the app store.

 Change the text size for just the app store and enable some smart invert reduce motion all this is only going to affect this one app that’s the really cool thing About per app settings.

Download & Modify App From Spotlight

iOS 15 have a better experience for downloading apps via spotlight. Search for any app you see the download button right side. All we have to do is just simply tap on download button. It doesn’t open the app store anything it just starts downloading immediately.

And you’ll also notice modified app store search results for installed applications. If you search for an installed application, you’ll notice a minimized view you don’t get any screenshots or anything. Because its already have it installed so what’s the point of that right.

Spotlight Web Image Search And More

And in iOS 15 new feature in spotlight Web Image search so you can search image in spotlight. You have now lock screen access for spotlight searches. Because spotlight searches are so much better now for surfacing all kinds of rich data. Now you can do that right from your lock screen even if your phone is locked.

You can enable that which is enabled by default so just swipe down perform the search and you will get pretty nice images. You can also uninstall apps via spotlight search for the first time now you simply search long press and delete.

Siri Continuous Dictation | Siri Automation

Now in previous versions of iOS we believe there was like a 30 second limit for Siri dictation. But now here in iOS 15 there is Continuous dictation ability so over a minute. Also have the ability to share on-screen items with Siri.

You can use Siri to control smart home devices at a Specific time using automation. So basically it set up automation on the fly just asked it to turn off the office lights at five. And now a new automation is set up in the home app super simple super easy.

That’s all the iOS 15 new features that apple has updated with and more to come. For more tips follow our website link is given down below.

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