Most useful Website – the internet is a huge place with billions of websites separating out the useful from the needless. We’ll be going to show you 20 websites in a variety of categories we think that are most useful.

All of which are bookmark worthy to make your online life easier and for fun we have a bonus site. Free SEO TOOLS website.

Here are my personal favorite the most useful website 2022


most useful website

Privnote for those times you need to send confidential information to a co-worker, family member or friends. The sites let you create notes that will automatically self-destruct after being read by the recipient.

Here how it works:

  • In the yellow box write your note.
  • When finished click on create note.
  • Then just copy and paste the link into your email or instant messenger.

Link: privnote


most useful website

If you ever encounter a website that won’t load. It could be that the website is having an issue or the problem could be on you end. On the site (Down for Everyone or Just Me) enter the website URL that you’re having issue with and hit enter.

Or click blue button on the right if the site is working fine you’ll get the message (it’s just you. is up).

Link: downforeveryoneorjustme


most useful website

This website is similar to the second one (Downdetecter) works great to check a particular service. Like your cable company or streaming service to see if there’s an outage or some other problem.

  • Enter the name of the service in the box.
  • Once you enter the service name.
  • At the top you’ll see the status which for the service has no problem.
  • Below that you’ll see the timeline of the issues over the last 24 hours.
  • A live outage map that you can click into.
  • Right of the map you’ll see the most reported problems.

Link: downdetector


most useful website

If you want to edit pictures online for free without having to download or learn a program like Photoshop. Pixlr just might be what you’re looking for. It now comes in two flavours (Pixlr-X) and (Pixlr-E)

  • Pixlr-X includes the absolutes basics to crop, resize, filters and effects.
  • Pixlr-E is for those of you that require more advanced tools.

Link: pixlr


most useful website

With most of the world’s population online it can be difficult to come up with an original username or web domain. That isn’t already taken on (Namechk) it will let you know the name you’re thinking of.

Is available for dozens of web domains, social platforms and other websites.

  • Enter the name and hit enter.
  • First it will show the domain which in green color is still available.
  • Second one will show the username section which show in green that is available for that sites.

Link: namechk


most useful website

With all of the data breaches over the past several years’ odds are likely that you’ve had your data compromised. On (Have I Been Pwned?) to find out if your accounts have been compromised.

  • Enter your email address and hit enter or click button name Pwned?
  • If your account has been pwned it will show you the number of times it been breached on websites.
  • When you scroll down you can find the sites that had breaches compromising your data.
  • This would be a good time to change your login password for your email and each site listed.

Link: haveibeenpwned?


When you need a free transparent image for your website brochure or anything else (CleanPNG). Has millions of image on their site with no backgrounds for you to choose from. All are free and no account is required.

With unlimited downloads and more than 50,000 categories.

Link: cleanpng


If you’re crafty type (Instructables) for you with various categories to choose from including workshop, cooking, outside circuits and many more. Example of projects you could make like costumes or you can build your own cnc plasma cutting system.

Link: instructables


If you no longer trust the internet speedtest sites that have associations with the internet providers. Which many people see is a major conflict (Fast) is for you. It was created by Netflix.

With the goal of keeping internet service providers honest with the speeds they promise, unlike some of the other speedtest sites. Fast also has a clean and simple interface with no ads.

Link: fast


If you want to capture a high resolution image of an entire webpage, not just the portion that’s visible.

Checkout (ScreenshotGuru).

  • In the empty box enter the entire url of the page you’d like to capture.
  • Do the reCaptcha I’m not a robot thing.
  • Then select screen capture.
  • When it’s done right click on the image and select save image as to save it where you want it.

Link: screenshotguru


 AlternativeTo is one of our favourites when looking for alternatives to popular software.

  • Enter the name of the program at the top bar search box and hit enter.
  • After search below the description in the alternative tab there will number of programs listed.
  • You’ll find some of the alternative free with the additional information about each program.

Link: alternativeto


Pixabay is a fantastic resource for creatives with more than a million and a half royalty-free images. Illustrations, vector graphics, videos and music in their collection.

All content on their site can be used for free or both for commercial and non-commercial use with no attribution required.

Link: pixabay


If you have misplaced or accidentally thrown out the manuals some of the products, you own (Manualslib). Can be a life saver. It’s completely free with more than 4 million manuals in their database.

The easiest way to find a manual.

  • Is to get the model number and enter it into the search box.
  • Select the product from the drop-down list.
  • You’ll now see various guides and manuals included with that product.
  • Click on the one you need. In addition to viewing it on their site you have additional choices.
  • At the top including the option to download it to your computer.

Link: manualslib


Whether you have a busy schedule or extra free time the amount of time you commit on playing a video game. Might be based on those two factors (Howlongtobeat) will let you know how long it will take to complete a video game.

Based on your playstyle.

  • At the top do a search for your game.
  • After entering the name of your game click into it.

This page will give you all the glorious details regarding the length of time to complete that game.

Link: howlongtobeat


Have you ever invested time watching a TV series to realise after finishing the last season? That you wish you’d not wasted your time watching it to begin with (TVCHART) can help.

  • Go to the quick search
  • Enter the series name you’ve been wasted time on.
  • It will display the graph for each episode.

Link: tvchart


Virus total is one that should be in your bookmarks already it individually scans files. On your computer or websites, you plan to visit looking for malicious content like viruses and other malware.

  • To scan a file on your computer, select the file tab and select choose file.
  • Find the file on your computer and select open.

If it shows no engines detected this files this is a good result. On the flip side when doing file or website scan. If website scan show malware avoid going on those websites or remove the file in question from your computer.

Link: virustotal


On a lighter note (Supercook) is useful for those time you’re stuck at home due to hurricane or too lazy to go to the grocery store. It helps you to find the recipes for the ingredient you already have in your fridge or pantry.

  • On the left choose your ingredient’s from the various categories.
  • On the right you’ll now see recipe’s using the ingredient’s you selected.

Link: supercook


If you have heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or maybe you’re feeling just a little bit porky. (Eatthismuch) might be able to help.

  • First choose the diet.
  • Select the number of calories.
  • And for the number of meals you plan to in a day.
  • Then click generate.

Scroll down a bit you’ll see now a meal plan based on the information you entered.

Link: eatthismuch


If you don’t want to pay for adobe acrobat pro and you want to edit the pdf files. The (PDFescape) is free online editor might be able to help. It includes many tools for free.

Including the ability to create a new form and you can even fill it out without the need to print it out first.

Link: pdfescape


If you love looking at statistics in other words if you’re a stat nerd. (Statista) is where you can find factual. Numbers on just about any topic for example, we’ll do the basic search.

  • Go with web browser and select it.

Next page have so many links with data on this topic. It just might blow your mind. While some of the data is free to access. Most will require that you have a paid account.

Link: statista



The facts presented after filling in the form might be too shocking regarding the time passed since you were born.

  • If you want to know about yourself select “This is for me” and for others “This is for a friend”.
  • Enter the date first followed by the month and the year.
  • Then click on go.

This page will show your age, number of days old and two people equal to your age. Continue down the page for more exciting facts.

Link: you’regettingold

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