Let’s talk about Pegasus Spyware. This alleged scam is so dangerous and outrageous scam of this level has never seen before. France president, Macron, changed his phone ever since his name was on the list. Investigation has begun in many countries.

According to reports this spyware has been used to spy around 50000 mobile devices

Let’s check out what does this Pegasus Spyware actually means.

This word is coming from Greek mythology, a mythological white horse with wings is called Pegasus.

Pegasus Spyware

But in modern world this Pegasus is also known as Pegasus Spyware. These spyware are dangerous software viruses. Which secretly get inside your computer or smartphones and give data to the other person.
They can easily access your camera and click pictures and video of yours without even knowing. Can also extract the data from your what’s app and give it to the other people. Basically, spying on you is what these spywares do.

How Does Pegasus Spyware Infiltrate?

Earlier, you would’ve gotten a link through SMS or on What’s app, once you click on the link your phone could’ve been infected. But this spyware is different upgraded in so many ways you don’t even have to click on the link.
They’ll send you what’s app message or leave missed call on your number whether you pick it up or not. Still this spyware can infect your phone easily, that’s why it’s so dangerous and shocking. They just need to know the phone number.
It can attack both Android and iPhone Devices. Once it’s enter inside the phone it can do virtually anything.

1. Can easily read your what’s app chats and SMS

2. Call recording and monitoring the number’s you’ve called.

3. Accessing your photo gallery.

4. Getting your location by tracking your GPS.

5. Secretly turning on your phone’s camera and take pictures and videos.

6. Easily accessing your microphone and record your voice.

All your contact details and password they can access easily. These are the things that this Pegasus spyware can do easily without even knowing us.

Who Created This Pegasus Spyware?

This Pegasus spyware is created by an Israeli company NSO group. The full form of NSO is

N – (Niv Carmi)

S – (Shalev Hulio)

O – (Omri Lavie)

Basically, the names of the three founder of this company.

Why Did NSO Created this Pegasus Spyware?

You folks must be thinking why such a spyware is created? What was the need for it? Well, NSO claim that they created Pegasus. So that the government intelligence and law enforcement agencies can use this. To fight against crime and terrorism.

Apple 2021 Update For Pegasus Spyware

Apple has released software to fix a security hole that allowed hackers to infect iPhones. Other apple devices without users even doing anything spyware researchers captured. NSO says about Pegasus spyware exploit it was used to hack iPhone of Saudi Arabian Activist.

The tool targets iPhone and other Apple devices through iMessage. But apple is very concerned about it which is why they initiated patch in their new latest iOS update, so its better to keep your iPhone up-to-date.

Want to more about Apple logo. why there is a bite in apple logo.

Precautions To Keep Your Phone Safe

1. Don’t open any link you get in your mail or message that does not look genuine.

2. Applications like WhatsApp, Instagram improves it’s security features in most of its update, so regularly keep updating your apps.

3. Use strong password for all your accounts and two-factor authentication for all accounts.

4. Protect your devices with strong and complex password or PIN

5. Download application from official app stores and play stores.

6. Do not give permission to mobile apps if they seem excessive.

7. Use a reliable security solutions which are available on play stores.

8. Use VPN.

That is all about this spyware if you want to know more about this spyware click here…

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