Strong password so everybody knows that they should have a strong password but what does that really look like most people use the same passwords over and over again and they’re really easy targets for the bad guys. Strong secure and easy to use password for your everyday accounts.

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The main way that your passwords are being compromised is that major breaches occur so think of the Equifax’s the LinkedIn eBay the target attacks. If you hear about them on the news and you think yourself well I barely even use those sites how does that affect me.

Well what happens on those password breaches is the bad guys get big quantities of passwords and they sell them on the dark web to other actors who then use those passwords to try and attack your accounts. So what ends up happening is if you reuse your passwords they are able to use those passwords and combinations of those passwords to go out and attack your regular accounts.

So this is how it happens a reality they’ve got your compromise password and then they do two different things to that password. They’ll actually modify that password with a set of rules that they know that everybody uses they’ll replace a’s with ads and exclamation points.

At the end and they’ll just do very small variations of that password and they’ll try it on every website your eBay account your amazon account your Banking account everywhere. They’ll try those over and over again if your password’s not very long it makes it very very easy for them to do that.

And even after your password is relatively long and complex they have a set of rules that they know to attack and try variations and it’s very easy for a computer with the right set of rules to figure out what you as a human would have done to modify that password.

The bad guys actually use two different tools to attack your passwords they use what they call dictionaries. Which are lists of commonly used words and phrases and then they will use what they call rule sets which are basically those little changes that you think.

That you’re doing to a password to make them more complex the real problem with this is that when we use these complex passwords it’s really hard for us to remember them. So having a different variation for every website is almost impossible.

So what we do is we write them down everywhere we use almost the same one every time and most of us actually use the same password all over the place really insecure very easy for the bad guys to attack. So what do we do my first recommendation is going to be to create a strong master password.

Strong password

Strong password


The password manager is we’ll set it up with our master password. But once we’re in we let the password manager generate passwords for every site that we go to. We let them create unique long complex passwords.

The Beautiful thing as well is we can use the password manager’s built-in password generator to generate passwords of whatever complexity the website needs. So if you have a website that doesn’t use certain characters or requires you to use certain characters.

You can specify that in the password manager really easy really quick and very efficient. The other nice thing about the password Manager is you can install it on every device. So you can have it on your cell phone your laptop your main computer your iPad everywhere.

And some of those devices will allow you to use your fingerprint or facial recognition to get into the password manager which makes it super quick and easy.


You are using google as your password manager which a lot of people do you can see that they’ve added a dark web scan. Over the last couple months where they’ll actually tell you which of your passwords are compromised.

That’s a great addition to Google’s password manager and I think it’s something you should check out. If you’re using it you can see where your passwords have been compromised and easily go out there and fix them.

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