What is Internet

What is Internet ?

Internet is a huge computer network consisting of a combination of computer networks spread all over the world. In this network, connected by telephone lines, there can be different computers used by people and organizations and different operating systems used on these computers. It allows computers of this different structure to communicate in a common language, even if different programs are run on them, people see and evaluate the same information on the screen.

what is internet

What Does The Internet Mean?

The Internet is characterized as a communication network that is independent of all restrictions and boundaries, functions outside central control and allows computers to be connected to each other within a network. In short, it characterized as an electronic communication network that allows computer networks to be connected to each other by using a transfer control protocol called TCP/IP.

The meaning of the internet in Turkish is indicated as a general network. The English equivalent is defined as a whole of networks that are connected within themselves. For this reason, it is also derived from the English word “interconnected networks”. Access to information can be achieved worldwide thanks to the Internet. Regardless of the current location, information can be shared and easily communicated.

The Internet allows all devices that have a system called TCP/IP to connect to each other. It works on similar principles with telephone lines that are connected to each other in one aspect. In many parts of the world, continues to function over telephone lines that are still available.

There are terrestrial lines that are knitted between countries. In addition, satellite infrastructure is furnished with fiber cables under the ocean. Thanks to these lines, countries are connected to each other by the internet network and the opportunity to communicate is obtained. Information can be easily accessed at any time, regardless of location.

what is internet

How Does The Internet Work?

Thanks to the developing technological possibilities, connection to the internet is provided over a wireless network. However, service takes place through cable lines laid underground. Wi-Fi functions with a router called a router, i.e. a connection with wireless.

Connection to cable networks is established with the router. To connect to the internet with smartphones or tablets, a base station connected to the cable network is needed. The internet network is provided by fiber optic cables laid underground or classic cables connected to power poles.

How Internet Changed The World

– Research and Education

Research and Education Before the advent of the Internet, if you wanted to conduct research on a certain subject, you had to go to the school library or city library, or buy or borrow professional books. Now, with a simple Google search, you will find a lot of information needed to complete the research. If you want to learn new skills, such as singing, painting or learning musical instruments, you must go to courses taught by experts in person. Now, if you don’t want to do this, just search on YouTube or other learning platforms and you will find everything you want.

– Communication

Communication Before the Internet, if you wanted to talk to someone, you needed a piece of paper, a pen, an envelope, and a stamp to write a letter. You send it by mail, and it can reach its destination in a few days. Now, everything becomes simple. You open any chat application, you can talk endlessly with friends anywhere in the world.

– Travel

How easy is it to travel now, especially with the help of the Internet? ! Before him, you must equip yourself with a map, ask the locals for directions or explore new destinations on your own. Now you can take a car, train or plane, open a map app and receive a direct route to your destination. In addition, when you open the Internet, you can find all the information, comments, tips, signs, and the entire vacation you need.

– Shopping

Shopping imagine that we can no longer shop online. If you want something, you have to go to many shops in person, sometimes the bags are heavy. You can do this now, but how convenient is it to browse online stores, read product reviews, or compare their prices on the couch? !

– Financial Services

Financial Services In the past, even for the simplest and most basic financial transactions, people had to go to the bank and wait in line for hours. With the advent of the Internet, you can perform many financial operations on your mobile phone or computer at any time at home.

– Relationships

Everything about relationships can happen on the Internet, even relationships. A long time ago, in order to find your half, you had to approach it directly and finish playing all the cards in a few minutes. You can do this now, but through the Internet, you can talk to that person anytime, anywhere.

– Entertainment

Entertainment If you want to watch a movie, you must see it on the stage on TV or in the cinema, or you must hope to find it in a video store to rent it. Through the Internet, you can find everything in the same place, and you rarely need a DVD. The same goes for video games, music, and other such experiences.

– HealthCare

Before the health care Internet, you may not know some symptoms, you should see a doctor immediately, now, even if we do not believe 100% in our online reading, we can still understand some symptom experts in parallel, we can even Contact by video phone.

– Marketing

Marketing Before the advent of the Internet, the promotion of products and services was as basic as possible, verbatim. Now, the Internet age has changed the way we communicate. Therefore, online advertising, online celebrity promotion, activities and other marketing methods are normal.

– Employment

Employment Before the Internet, if you wanted to find a job, you had to look for advertisements in the local newspaper or directly in the company. Now, there are many recruitment websites that will send you job opportunities based on your skills. In addition, now you can use the Internet to conduct job interviews without going to the company headquarters.

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