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Windows 10 tips and tricks. Windows 10 may be the most convoluted operating system. Microsoft has ever created it does include many handy features. That are quite useful we going to see more than 30 tips and tricks and features that will help you.

To get the most out of using Windows 10 this article includes a mix of the newer features. But some of the older classics that are still available for use with Windows 10.

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Here are top 31 computer tips and tricks windows 10 & Laptop tips and tricks.

1. Aero Shake

This cool trick is an old classic that’s been around since Windows 7 and it still works today with Windows 10. If your screen is getting cluttered with open windows, you could just minimize each window individually.

But instead there is a faster way (Left click on the title bar) of the program you’re working with. And with the (Left mouse button held down shake your mouse back and forth from left to right).

To minimize all the windows and if you want to bring all the other windows back up (Just shake your mouse again).

Windows 10 Aero Shake

2. Old School Start Menu

If you’re like most people and you’re not a fan of the newer start menu with the live tiles. Thankfully! There is an alternative start menu that might be useful for you as most of you know.

If you go to (Windows icon in the lower left and left click) of your mouse will bring up the tile written start menu. On that same windows icon (Right click instead) it will bring up a menu with shortcuts to apps and features.

Power options, Windows PowerShell and a whole lot more.

Windows 10 Startup Menu

3. Taskbar Calendar Event

A newer feature that’s been is the ability to create a new calendar event from the taskbar. Without having to open the calendar app in the lower right select.

(Date and Time) (Pick the date of your event) (Give it a name) (Select the time) (Click on the checkmark) (Enter the location).

And when you’re done (Click on save).

Windows 10 Calendar Event

4. Snip and Sketch

Built in screenshot tools for windows have always been inadequate when compared to third party software. Snip and sketch is the best screen capture tool ever to be included in any Microsoft operating system.

To activate it press the (Windows + Shift + the letter S) your choices are rectangular, freeform, window & full screen. Example, if you select the rectangular (Left click on mouse and drag) an area and let go the selected region.

Will be saved to your clipboard after which at the top of the page you’ll have tools to mark up your image.

Windows 10 Snip and Sketch

5. Background Apps

Programs that run in the background can offer many beneficial features like the ability to show you notifications. But they can also waste bandwidth use up system resources and drain your laptop battery.

To turn them off (Go to settings) for new users (Click on the windows icon) in the lower left and select the (Settings icon). (Go to privacy) in the left pane (Scroll down) and select (Background Apps).

If you toggle top switch to off it’ll stop all apps from running in the background or you can leave it turn on. And switch off each app individually in the list below.

Windows 10 Background app

6. Focus Assist

When working on a task notification can be a huge distraction to gain more control over these notifications. (Go to settings app) (Go to system) and in the left pane select (Focus assist). You have three choices.

  1. Leaving it off you’ll get all notifications from your apps and contacts.
  2. Priority only will show you the selected notifications from the priority list. But you can customised by selecting the link.
  3. And alarms only will hide all notification except for alarms.

You can also choose times and activities you have focused assist turn on automatically.

Windows 10 Focus Assist

7. Manage Notifications

Speaking of notifications (Go to Settings) then select (System) and select (Notification and Actions). In most recent update Microsoft added an easier way to get to this page that will save you some time.

In the lower right of desktop go to the (Action Centre) and in the top right (Click manage notifications). Getting here is a lot quicker than having to navigate through the settings app.

Windows 10 Notification & Actions

8. Slide to Shutdown

Here’s a cool trick that uses a full screen slide down to power off your computer. Here’s how you set it up. On your desktop (Right click) (Go down to new) and select (Shortcut) in the empty field enter this.👇

Windows 10 Shortcuts


When you’re done with that (Click on next) and then (Finish). You’ll get the shortcut on your desktop. (Double click on it) and (Drag the Bar) all the way down to the bottom of your screen to power off your computer.

9. Dictation

Dictation is no longer just for third world leaders now you can do it Windows 10 in all seriousness voice. It has been around for a while in windows and has improved quite a bit in any text field to activate it press.

(Windows key + H) on your keyboard now you can give your fingers a rest and use your voice to start dictating.

Windows 10 Dictation

10. Emoji Menu

At any time, you need to bring out the menu of emoji’s press the (Windows Key + Period Key) on your keyboard. In addition, there’s tab to access key emoji characters and a good selection of symbols.

Windows 10 Emoji's

11. Cloud Clipboard

The windows clipboard now let’s you copy and paste across multiple across multiple devices. With their cloud clipboard to enable it (Go to settings) and (Click on system) in the left pane select (Clipboard).

Turn on (Clipboard history) and (Enable sync across devices) to copy from one PC to paste on another. Pressing the (Window key + V) will bring up the cloud clipboard.

Windows 10 Clipboard

12. Nearby Sharing

If you’re familiar with apple’s airdrop Microsoft now has a similar feature called nearby sharing. That will let you share content with other Windows 10 computers connected to your network or Bluetooth.

To enable it (Go to setting) select (System) then (Shared experiences) and toggle the switch on for (Near by sharing). Now when you select share in Microsoft Word and many other programs including photos. You should see nearby computers.

Windows 10 Nearby Sharing

13. Dark / Light Mode

Lite mode is the default color with Windows 10 (Go to personalization) and on the left (Select colors). You got three choices Light, Dark and Custom.

When you select custom lets you set the default for windows and apps separately. If you select dark mode it will changes the color of the settings app in menus, file explorer, start menu and a whole lot more.

Windows 10 Dark\Light Mode

14. Night Light

While we are on the subject of reducing eye strain let’s head back to the settings home and select (System). Then (Go to display) toggle on the (Night Light) reduces the blue light committing from your screen.

Which can help you fall asleep easier if you go to night light settings. You can schedule it from (Sunset to sunrise) Or you (Own hours).

Windows 10 Night Light

15. Open Pinned Programs

Shifting gears programs, you have pin to your taskbar can be easily opened without having to click on them. By using the keyboard shortcut (Windows Key + Number). As you can see file explorer is one the Window store is two.

So to use the keyboard shortcut the program must be pinned from 1 to 0. Example, let’s open the windows store with the (Windows key + Number 2).

Windows 10 Open Pinned Programs

16. Pause Updates

Microsoft says that updates are important for security patches, bug fixes and latest features. But there may be times you’re not ready to update or you may have heard about issues with latest updates causing.

Problems for others that of course would never happen with Windows 10 to pause an update. (Go to Windows Settings) > (Update & Security) below check for updates there’s a button call (Pause updates for 7 days).

If you go to (Advance Options) you can select another date up-to 35 days to pause and update. After you reach your pause limit you’ll have to get a new update before being allow to pause again.

Windows 10 Updates Pause

17. Calculator

Let’s open built in calculator app by going to the (Search Bar) in the lower left and type in (Calculator). When it appears click on it. Many people don’t realize how powerful it is, most of you familiar with standard calculator.

If you click the (Menu Icon) in the upper left you’ll find additional calculators including scientific, programmer and date calculation. And below that you’ll find more than a dozen convertors.

Windows 10 Calculator

18. Calculate Time Difference

Go back to the (Search Bar) and type (Alarms & Clock) click on it (Go to clock tab). In this tab it’ll calculate the time difference between two locations this is useful.

If you have family, friends or business associates outside your area. In order to add a new location. Click (The plus sign) at the bottom then in the upper left (Enter the new location).

Once you add a location it will automatically save in the app too delete a location select the icon (To the right of the plus sign). Tick the box of the one that you want to delete then click the (Garbage icon) at the bottom.

Windows 10  Calculate Time Difference

19. Windows Key Shortcuts

Here’s a quick tip if you can learn how to use the windows key shortcuts you’ll find that it makes navigation windows a lot faster. In an earlier segment we showed you windows key shortcut guide which display some of the most popular windows key combinations.

It’s part of a free set of utilities from Microsoft called power toys. Its not available from the Microsoft store. Instead you can download the installer from the GitHub website.

Here is the link :

20. Game Bar

If you haven’t used the Windows 10 game bar for a while it’s not full of cool extras that might be useful for you. To bring it up press (Windows key + G) as usual you can still take a screenshot and record your gameplay.

There’s an audio widget with system and app controls and below that is one that shows your system performance. Over to the right the Xbox social overlay lets you chat with your friends and see who is online.

And if you go to the overlay (Menu) you can remove or add additional overlays.

Windows 10 Game Bar

21. Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is a nasty malware that encrypts your data holding it hostage unless you pay a ransom. To protect your computer ransomware protection is now included with Windows Defender.

(Go to the search box) and search for (Windows security) when it shows up select it. Go to (Virus and threat Protection). Scroll down and select (Manage Ransomware Protection) turning on controlled folder access.

Blocks unauthorized changes to your protected files folders and memory. Selecting (Protect Folders). Show you list of folders currently being protected you can choose to add additional folder.

By selecting the (+) next to (Add a protected folder) and browse your computer for that folder.

Windows 10 Ransomware Protection

22. Graphic Performance

You want more control of your graphic hardware for specific programs or games to improve the performance. Or extent your battery life for that let’s head over to the (Graphic performance preference settings).

In the windows 10 settings app (Go to system) in the (Display tab) scroll all the way down and select (Graphic Settings). With game listed you can select it and (Go to option) you can set the graphic preferences choices.

To (System Default, Power Saving and High Performance) you can also add games which are not listed. By selecting (Browse) to add more games and programs.

Windows 10 Graphic Performance

23. Automate Deleting Files

The process of getting rid of the worthless junk on your PC in these setting app (Go to System) and select (Storage). From the left pane called it’ll switch on for storage sense having this turned on it will delete temporary files.

Thousand recycle bin and files in your download folders you can also configure how it works. By selecting the link (Configure storage sense or run it now) you can choose of often it runs and if you want temporary files.

And files in your download folders included when it runs also if you use OneDrive cloud storage. Storage sense can also remove unused content from your computer that is already backed up to OneDrive.

Windows 10 Storage

24. Change Cursor Size & Color

If you want to change the size or color of your mouse cursor due to a visual impairment issue or just for fun. In the windows settings (Go to Ease of Access) on the left pane select (Cursor & Pointer).

You can change the pointer size all the way up-to 15, your choices for pointer color are white black inverted. Or else you can choose your own color. There are suggested pointer colors listed below or you can pick custom color.

Windows 10 Mouse Pointer

25. Change Audio Output

In order to change the audio output on your computer (Go to the control panel) or the (Setting apps) to make the change. They’ve made the process faster to make the switch go to the (System tray) in the taskbar and (Left click speaker icon).

Above the volume control select (Audio device name) and you’ll see a full list of your audio output devices. Making it quicker and easier to make the switch.

Windows 10 Audio Output

26 Switch to “This PC” View

When you launch the file explorer in Windows 10 the default view is quick access which shows frequently used folder. And most recent files if you prefer the more familiar this PC interface click the (View Tab) at the top of file explorer.

On the ribbon click on (Options) in the (General Tab) to the right of (Open File Explorer) select (This PC). From the drop down menu and click on (OK). If you now open file explorer, you’ll get “This PC” layout.

Windows 10 File Explorer

27. View Reliability History

A lesser known tool that’s been around since Windows Vista is the reliability monitor it access your system. Overall stability and can help with troubleshooting issues to open it go to the (Search Bar) and type (Reliability).

Select (View Reliability History) when it opens you’ll see graphic errors that occurred for each day. When you select the (Day) below it lists the critical events and warnings below those are the informational events in blue.

For any issue when you click (View technical) details you’ll see a description that might help you to resolve your problem.

Windows 10 Reliability History

28. Jump List

If you haven’t used jump list yet you should when you’ve pinned programs to your taskbar. (Right clicking those icons) will bring up a popup list of common shortcuts and your most recent activity.

Letting you get back to a previous location quicker.

Windows 10 Jump List

29. Enable\Disable Start-up Programs

This tip is a quick remind to manage those pesky programs I want to start up when you boot your computer. Go to the (Task Manager) there are several ways to get there for the example, right click the (Taskbar) and select (Task Manager).

At the top click on (Start-up tab) the more programs you have enabled the more it will impact your boot time. For each program you don’t need enable that start-up right click on the (Name) and select (Disable).

When it doubts leave it enable, disable only those programs you know which not going to use while start up.

Windows 10 Start up Programs

30. Command Prompt

For those of you don’t use the command prompt Windows 10 has added the ability to use (Control-C and Control-V) To copy and paste in the command prompt window but you have to enable it first in the (Search Bar) type (CMD).

And select (Command Prompt) right click (On the title bar) and select (Properties) in edit options. Check the box next to (Enable control key shortcuts) then click (OK) now you can easily copy and paste in CMD.

Windows 10 Command Prompt

31. Enable God Mode

If you’re a power user that has recently made the switch from an older windows operating system. You might be happy to know that the Easter-egg known as god mode is still available in Windows 10.

It’s great for those people that want a massive amount of settings all within a single user interface. To enable it right click on your (Desktop) go down to (New) and select folder rename the text folder with this.👇

Windows 10 icon


Then hit enter if done correctly this folder will become this icon.

When you open it you’ll now have the ultimate control with more settings and you would probably ever need.

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